You can interact with the providers typically available in the standard Windows PowerShell Console. Below are some of the important providers. Run the command Get-PSProvider to see the complete list.

  • FileSystem - Supports interacting with files and folders.

  • CmsItemProvider - Supports interacting with the Sitecore content items.

The console prompt typically begins with PS master:\>. The present working directory is using the CmsItemProvider and set to the master database.

Example: Change directories between providers.

PS master:\> cd core:
PS core:\> cd C:
PS C:\windows\system32\inetsrv> Set-Location -Path master:
PS master:\>

Note: Include the backslash in the path (i.e. C:\) to get the root of the drive when interacting with the FileSystem provider; the behavior seen is different than you might expeect because of w3wp.exe. See issue #314.

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