The PowerShell Toolbox is quick way to access frequently used scripts.

Navigate to Sitecore -> PowerShell Toolbox and after selecting you should see the configured scripts:


Note: Examples included in the following modules

  • Authorable Reports

  • Logged in Session Manager

  • Package Generator

  • Task Management

  • Platform

Available Tools

Index Viewer

This tool provides similar functionality to the Index Viewer module. Search and rebuild the index on-demand.

Logged in Session Manager

View the list of user sessions and "kick" them out as needed.

Rules based report

Generate a report using the Sitecore Rules Engine.

PowerShell Background Session Manager

View the list of SPE sessions and "kill" them as needed.

Create Anti-Package

This tool provides similar functionality to the Sitecore Rocks module.

Re-create Site from Sitemap

Simple tool for generating a site tree using an existing sitemap.

Task Manager

View and manage the configured scheduled tasks.

Create Tools for the Toolbox

To create your own Toolbox item take the following steps: 1. Create the Toolbox folder under an SPE module. Use the context menu to simplify the process.

  • Right click the module name and choose Scripts -> Create libraries for integration points.

    Module Libraries

  • Select the Toolbox item and click Proceed.

    Module Toolbox Library

    1. Create a PowerShell Script under the Toolbox item.

  • Right click the Toolbox library and choose PowerShell Script.

    Libary Script

    1. Open and edit the PowerShell Script using the ISE.

      ISE Edit

    2. Run the Rebuild All command in the ISE by navigating to the Settings tab and selecting the icon to rebuild. Be certain to enable the module before running the rebuild command.

      ISE Settings Tab

    3. Verify the new toolbox item appears in the Toolbox.

      Toolbox Item