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Useful code snippets to help you with those complex scripts.

List fields on template

Example: The following demonstrates how to list all of the fields of a template excluding the Standard Template fields.
# Create a list of field names on the Standard Template. This will help us filter out extraneous fields.
$standardTemplate = Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID "{1930BBEB-7805-471A-A3BE-4858AC7CF696}"
$standardTemplateTemplateItem = [Sitecore.Data.Items.TemplateItem]$standardTemplate
$standardFields = $standardTemplateTemplateItem.OwnFields + $standardTemplateTemplateItem.Fields | Select-Object -ExpandProperty key -Unique
$itemTemplate = Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID "{76036F5E-CBCE-46D1-AF0A-4143F9B557AA}"
$itemTemplateTemplateItem = [Sitecore.Data.Items.TemplateItem]$itemTemplate
$itemTemplateFields = $itemTemplateTemplateItem.OwnFields + $itemTemplateTemplateItem.Fields | Select-Object -ExpandProperty key -Unique
$filterFields = $itemTemplateFields | Where-Object { $standardFields -notcontains $_ } | Sort-Object

Media item url

Example: The following demonstrates how to generate the public facing url from a media item.
$item = Get-Item -Path "master:{04DAD0FD-DB66-4070-881F-17264CA257E1}"
$siteName = "website"
$site = [Sitecore.Sites.SiteContextFactory]::GetSiteContext($siteName)
New-UsingBlock (New-Object Sitecore.Sites.SiteContextSwitcher $site) {
# /-/media/default-website/cover.jpg

Parse Html

Example: The following demonstrates the use of the HtmlAgilityPack for parsing html.
$html = "<ul><li>foo</li><li>bar</li></ul>"
$htmlDocument = New-Object -TypeName HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument
foreach($x in $htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//li")) {
Example: The following demonstrates how to update text in the document and exclude certain nodes.
$html = @"
<div class="kitchen">
<div class="kitchen">
<blockquote>kitchen<br />
<span class="kitchen">kitchen</span>
<a><img title="kitchen" src="https://kitchen-sink.local" /></a>
$htmlDocument = New-Object -TypeName HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument
foreach($x in $htmlDocument.DocumentNode.Descendants()) {
if($x.Name -ne "img" -and ![string]::IsNullOrEmpty($x.Text)) {
$x.Text = $x.Text.Replace("kitchen", "sink")
Example: The following demonstrates how to remove empty paragraph tags in an html field.

Workflow History

Example: The following prints the workflow history of the home item.
$item = Get-Item -Path "master:" -Id "{110D559F-DEA5-42EA-9C1C-8A5DF7E70EF9}"
$db = Get-Database -Name "master"
$workflowProvider = $db.WorkflowProvider
foreach($version in $item.Versions.GetVersions()) {
$workflowEvents = $workflowProvider.HistoryStore.GetHistory($version)
foreach($workflowEvent in $workflowEvents) {
"[$($workflowEvent.Date)] ($($workflowEvent.User)) $(($workflowEvent.Text -replace '(\r|\n)',''))"

Restore Recycle bin items

Example: The following restores items in the media library that were removed yesterday. Credit @technomaz.
Write-Host "Restoring items recycled after $($archivedDate.ToShortDateString())"
foreach($archive in Get-Archive -Name "recyclebin") {
Write-Host " - Found $($archive.GetEntryCount()) entries"
$entries = $archive.GetEntries(0, $archive.GetEntryCount())
foreach($entry in $entries) {
if($entry.ArchiveLocalDate -ge $archivedDate) {
Write-Host "Restoring item: $($entry.OriginalLocation) {$($entry.ArchivalId)}on date $($entry.ArchiveLocalDate)"
} else {
Write-Host "Skipping $($entry.OriginalLocation) on date $($entry.ArchiveLocalDate)"

Purge Recycle bin items

Example: The following will incrementally purge items from the recycle bin (master db) with a progress counter.
$database = Get-Database -Name "master"
$archiveName = "recyclebin"
$archive = Get-Archive -Database $database -Name $archiveName
$items = Get-ArchiveItem -Archive $archive
$count = 0
$total = $items.Count
foreach($item in $items) {
if($count % 100 -eq 0) {
Write-Host "[$(Get-Date -Format 'yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss')] $([math]::round($count * 100 / $total, 2))% complete"
$item | Remove-ArchiveItem
Write-Host "Completed processing recycle bin"

Run JavaScript

Example: The following logs messages to the browser console and then alerts the user with a message.
1..5 | ForEach-Object {
Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
Invoke-JavaScript -Script "console.log('Hello World! Call #$($_) from PowerShell...');"
Invoke-JavaScript -Script "alert('hello from powershell');"
Invoke JavaScript


Import-Module -Name SPE -Force
$packageName = "$($SitecorePackageFolder)\[PACKAGE].zip"
$session = New-ScriptSession -Username "admin" -Password "b" -ConnectionUri "https://remotesitecore"
Test-RemoteConnection -Session $session -Quiet
$jobId = Invoke-RemoteScript -Session $session -ScriptBlock {
[Sitecore.Configuration.Settings+Indexing]::Enabled = $false
Get-SearchIndex | ForEach-Object { Stop-SearchIndex -Name $_.Name }
Import-Package -Path "$($SitecorePackageFolder)\$($using:packageName)" -InstallMode Merge -MergeMode Merge
[Sitecore.Configuration.Settings+Indexing]::Enabled = $true
} -AsJob
Wait-RemoteScriptSession -Session $session -Id $jobId -Delay 5 -Verbose
Stop-ScriptSession -Session $session
Not seeing what you are looking for? You can always check out some Github Gists that Adam and Michael have shared or the Sitecore Stack Exchange.
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