Event Handlers

The Event Handler integration provides a way to execute scripts when defined events are fired.

Steps required to activate this integration include the following:

  1. Enable the Spe.Events.config or apply your own patch with the required events enabled.

  2. Add a new integration point library to your new or existing module.

  3. Add a new script to the appropriate event library.

  4. Configure an Enable Rule if needed.

  5. Profit!

Enable Configuration

While SPE comes with an example configuration, which is disabled by default, it contains several events that may not meet your requirements.

An event configuration patch may look like the following:

<configuration xmlns:patch="https://www.sitecore.net/xmlconfig/">
      <event name="item:added">
        <handler type="Spe.Integrations.Tasks.ScriptedItemEventHandler, Spe" method="OnEvent" />

Add Event Script

To mimic the event item:added you should create nested script libraries such as Event Handlers -> Item -> Added followed by a script.

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