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Here we'll discuss the Console, ISE, and other dialogs made available through SPE.

The Sitecore PowerShell Console is a command line interface that many power users find great for quickly running commands.

The Sitecore PowerShell ISE is a scripting interface for running commands and authoring scripts.


You can interact with the providers typically available in the standard Windows PowerShell Console. Below are some of the important providers. Run the command Get-PSProvider to see the complete list.

  • FileSystem - Supports interacting with files and folders.

  • CmsItemProvider - Supports interacting with the Sitecore content items.

The console prompt typically begins with PS master:\>. The present working directory is using the CmsItemProvider and set to the master database.

Example: Change directories between providers.

PS master:\> cd core:
PS core:\> cd C:
PS C:\windows\system32\inetsrv> Set-Location -Path master:
PS master:\>

Note: Include the backslash in the path (i.e. C:\) to get the root of the drive when interacting with the FileSystem provider; the behavior seen is different than you might expeect because of w3wp.exe. See issue #314.


Read more about the different variables here.