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Version 5.0

It's been exactly one year since the last release of SPE. In this version we added some powerful new features, along with improvements to the UI (icons, styles).

Note: This major release dropped support for Sitecore 7. Only install this version if using Sitecore 8 or 9.

Summary of important changes

  • No breaking changes

All Fixes

Version 4.7

This release has a major focus on stability and overcoming any problems that were reported by our users.

Summary of important changes

  • The Packing Manager received a nice facelift as part of issue 923. Better icons and more options.

All Fixes

Version 4.6

You'll have to forgive me, I got lazy when this release came out and forgot to update the book. This release major focus was stability and overcoming any problems that were reported by our users.

Summary of important changes

  • Perform operations after the Script Runner closes, such as opening an item with issue 903.

  • Send streams of data through the Web API with issue 899.

  • Run scripts as a post step to installation of packages with issue 866.

All Fixes

Version 4.5

Summary of important changes

  • No breaking changes

  • SPE learned how to merge Shared and Final layouts using Merge-Layout. [669]

  • SPE learned how to copy fields when using Set-ItemTemplate. [847]

  • The User and Role objects now contain a properties for membership. Use either Roles, Users, or MemberOf. [842]

  • Scripted datasources now work with multiple roots. [845]

  • The Toolbox item Background Session Manager and ISE command Rebuild Integration Points are now hidden for users not in the developers group. [850]

  • The ISE command Rebuild Integration Points is now available as a Toolbox item. [849]

  • A new report added for custom template usage count. [818]

All Fixes

Version 4.4

Improvements for SXA 1.3, security feature updates and remoting fixes!

This release major focus was stability and overcoming any problems that were reported by our users.

Summary of important changes

  • no breaking changes

  • It's now possible to access custom fields on items using the syntax using ._ and .PSFields. The properties are returned using the appropriate field type such as ImageField. [810]

  • A new command Invoke-JavaScript was added to enable scripts to interact with the browser. [803]

  • Update-ListView command learned to update the banner text in the report viewer. [789]

  • Copy-Item command learned to move blob data between databases. [782]

  • PowerShell previously included the -Depth parameter to limit the recursive nature of the command. The CMS provider is now able to work that magic. [769]

All Fixes

Version 4.3

Security, Security, security! This release major focus was security.

Summary of important changes

  • Removed the lingering nVelocity template presentation

  • ISE and Console now require scripters to be in Sitecore\Developer role

  • All arbitrary script executions, saves, and session elevation events are now logged in the SPE Sitecore logs763

  • Added ability to specify that an endpoint can only be accessed over a secure connection 759

  • Executing scripts through Integration points now verify the item templates so no unprotected scripts can be executed. 757

  • Saving a script in library requires additional authentication (Session elevation) 756

  • Executing a script in ISE or Console now require additional authentication. 755

  • Send-File cmdlet dialog no longer uses URL parameters for paths.744

All Fixes

Version 4.2

This release major focus was security and making your scripting testable and better functional for users in different roles and languages. We've also improved cmdlets for working with templates and as always improved our remoting module to make it even more functional in your CI scenarios.

Full issue list available on GitHub - 38 issues.

Summary of important changes

  • You might want to check how your scripts behave for users in other languages as we're now setting the context language on the Job, which e.g. impacts how items are retrieved. [694]

  • All remotely accessible services are now disabled by default 716 so you need to provide a patch config file if you want to use SPE in your CI environment out-of-the-box.

  • Read-Variable cmdlet now supports validation on field and form level 728.

  • ISE now allows you to emulate script execution in context of any user or language 726.

  • Added Update-ItemReferrer cmdlet that allows you to re-link an item to another item or delete references to an item before e.g. deleting it. 726.

  • Introduced Role/User based restriction for user access to endpoints. 715



Version 4.1

Another solid release. Yet again a fairly long wait but we;ve fixed a ton of bugs and did some solid improvements. Happy scripting!

Full issue list available on GitHub - over 60 issues.

Summary of important changes

Breaking Changes

  • Get-RoleMember should return Role and User rather than AccountList 637.

  • Publish-Item publishing behaviour was tuned to handle typical scenarios better 620.

New Features

  • Support for Sitecore 8.2


  • ...


  • ...

Version 4.0

A lot of hard work went into this release. Wasn't released as soon as we hoped, but we are certain many of you will be pleased with the results. Happy coding!

Full issue list available on GitHub - 90+ issues.

Summary of important changes

Breaking Changes

  • The Rebuild-SearchIndex command now returns an existing job 558 for an index if currently rebuilding.

  • Request related variables such as $HttpContext are no longer added to the session 557 but can still be accessed through their static context properties.

  • The Publish-Item command now supports the additional publishing options 539 introduced in Sitecore 7.1. The default behavior was changed to synchronous and requires the AsJob parameter to run asynchronously.

  • The Add-ItemLanguage and Remove-ItemLanguage commands were renamed 532 to Add-ItemVersion and Remove-ItemVersion since item versions and languages are managed almost the same.

  • The user management commands received an adjustment 520 498 497 in which New-Role no longer requires -Passthru to output the resulting account. Also, the Remove-User command now accepts the User object as input.

  • User reported 511 that SPE conflicted with the InSite Commerce product due to the 2.x services location so we went ahead and broke compatibility.

  • Some users have encountered items with multiple fields of the same name 575 so we changed the behavior by prefixing the name with and underscore recurrently to disambiguate them.

  • Stop using $PSScriptRoot and $PSCommandPath and start using $SitecoreScriptRoot and $SitecoreCommandPath 588.

New Features

  • A new Experience Button integration point was added 546.

  • Method signature in the ISE received a face lift 541. Now you can see the argument data types!

  • Type names now autocomplete 540.

  • SPE Remoting now supports uploading large files 528.

  • Rebuilding the index for single items is now possible 523 with Rebuild-SearchIndexItem and removing with Remove-SearchIndexItem.

  • Added a report 513 for unpublished items in one or more targets.

  • Users can now peek the session variable values by way of a tooltip 495.

  • The ISE now shows when a script is modified or not yet saved 458.

  • New variable $SitecoreAuthority is initialized with the site hostname 591.


  • We went crazy on the styling of the console windows so now you can 565 configure the foreground and background colors. The Show-Result command also retains 566 the colors of the host session.

  • Variables are now hidden from the autocomplete 560 unless the token begins with a $.

  • The ScriptSession now contains a property LastErrors 559 that contains the errors encountered in a script rather than cluttering the log.

  • The Publish-Item command suggests database names 553 and filesystem is no longer an option.

  • The export command in reports no longer require a temporary file 551. This should now add support in hosted environments such as Azure 549529.

  • The Show-ListView command now enumerates collections 544 rather than printing the class name.

  • The UseDefaultCredentials parameter is now supported 531 when using the New-ScriptSession command in SPE Remoting.

  • The Publish-Item command will not publish to all targets by default 530 without requiring the target to be specified.

  • Some of the UI elements using Show-ListView can be hidden when using the Hide parameter 521.

  • Your favorite commands Get-Item and Get-ChildItem now have 519 tab completion on the -Language and -Database parameters.

  • SPE Remoting supports $using:[variablename] in the scriptblock 499.

  • Changed the behavior of Add-ItemLanguage so that it outputs the existing latest version if it exists 578.

  • Sometimes you need to grant Acls for System Roles like Everyone and Creator-Owner so we've updated 596 595 our security commands like Get-Role and New-ItemAcl to support that scenario.

  • ScriptSession can now load type info without the need for Set-ExecutionPolicy changes 590.

  • The Live Autocomplete feature when typing was so powershell we decided to allow you to enable or disable 584.

  • Save time with Get-ChildItem by using the -WithParent parameter 580.

  • Specifying the ProfileItemId when using New-User is now possible through 573.

  • Downloading a file is a little more secure as the download form displayed by Send-File hides the file path by default. You can however still show it with -ShowFullPath switch 568.


  • The SPE Remoting commands Send-RemoteItem and Receive-RemoteItem now use Write-Error when an error is encountered 564.

  • The Show-Result command was not adhering to the font settings 552.

  • The GetItemWorkflowEvent command threw exceptions for missing optional parameters 545.

  • Automatic properties no longer require a restart to update 534.

  • Creating new branch items now respects 577 the specified language.

  • Adam was going crazy trying to resolve an issue 579 where Set-Layout wasn't working. We think he's better now and the doctor released him from the clinic.

    • Through SPE Remoting you are now able to cleanup background ScriptSessions through the use of Stop-ScriptSession 594 593.

  • Users with more restricted access caused an issue with function caching 592.