The Web API integration point exposes scripts through a url. This can be especially helpful when a script needs to be executed on the server but without knowledge of the script contents.

The url will look something like the following: https://remotesitecore/-/script/v2/master/homeanddescendants?user=sitecore\admin&password=b‚Äč

Here's the url broken down:

  • API Version - Specifies which service is being requested.

    • v2 - This is the service that executes scripts stored in the integration point library.

  • Database - Specifies which database contains the script.

    • master - This database requires the credentials to be provided.

  • Script - Specifies the name of the script contained in the database.

    • homeanddescendants - Replace this name with whatever your script is called in the Web API library.

  • Query String Parameters - Specifies the additional bits of data for use by the web service.

    • user and password - Authenticates the request and in most cases will be needed. If the script is published to the web database the credentials are not required.

    • All of the query string parameters added to the variable scriptArguments. Use this PowerShell hashtable inside of your scripts. Check out the function Invoke-ApiScript for an example of how these parameters can be put to good use.

Note: Examples included in the following modules

  • Getting Started


The integration point is disabled by default and can be enabled through configuration as described here. See Restfulv2.


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