Review prerequisites and details on how to get setup with SPE.


The release of SPE 6.0 introduced name changes to some files which are now reflected throughout the documentation. Review issue #1109 to see the full scope of what changed. Any place where the name Cognifide or Cognifide.PowerShell was used is now replaced with Spe.
Sitecore versions 7.x and below are no longer supported with the release of SPE 5.0.

Installation Walkthrough

We have a short video tutorial here walking through the installation here. The irony is that it's recorded for Sitecore version 7.x which is no longer supported. ¯\(ツ)\

Download the Module

The SPE module installs like any other for Sitecore.
Download the module from the GitHub releases page and install through the Installation Wizard.
Following the installation you'll find these new items added to the Sitecore menu:

Compile Your Own Binaries

You may also clone the project from GitHub and compile it. This allows you to access the latest functionality without waiting for a new release. See the following contributor guide for instructions on how to get up and running.


See the troubleshooting section here