We generally see issues occurring due to an incompatible version of Windows PowerShell. Be sure to install version 3 or later.


Hanging Installation Wizard

Some users have reported an issue where the package installation in Sitecore hangs while installing SPE. One possible fix is to disable the Sitecore Analytics feature; this of course assumes you do not plan on using it for your instance.

Article: Martin Miles encountered the issue and proposed a fix here.

Hack: Run this script on Sitecore 8.0.

$paths = @("C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Console\Website\App_Config\Include\*")
$patterns = @("Sitecore.Analytics*.config", "Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics*.config")

$paths | Get-ChildItem -Include $patterns -Recurse | Rename-Item -NewName { $PSItem.Name + ".disabled" }

Exception Messages

ISE throws exception when /sitecore/content/home is missing

  • 378 - Missing Home item (fixed in 3.2)


Integration Point is not working

Be sure the module is enabled and the integrations are rebuilt from within the ISE. The following are some of the integration issues you may experience:

  • Content Editor Gutter - Entries not listed.
  • Content Editor Ribbon - Buttons not visible or working.
  • Control Panel - Entries not listed.
  • Functions - Import-Function name parameter not populating with functions or can't be found after running the command.
  • Web API - Scripts not existing or can't be found.

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