Task Scheduler

The task scheduler is a great way to run scripts in a periodic fashion. You may find the need to automatically archive log files into a compressed file. Perhaps send an email with a generated report based on stale site content.

Video Tutorial

Scheduled Task Editor
Figure - Scheduled Task Editor

Scheduled Task Command

To help make the setup simple, we've provided a Task Command.

PowerShell Script Command
Figure - PowerShell Script Command

The command shown above is simply a type exposed as a public method in the Cognifide.PowerShell assembly. There exists an update method which accepts one or more items and executes the associated script.

Beneath Schedules you can create as many tasks as Sitecore will allow. Configure the Command and Items fields like that shown below.

PowerShell Script Task
Figure - PowerShell Script Task

The Items field contains the path to a script in the Script Library.

Below are some of the scripts found out-of-the-box with SPE.

Module Script
System Maintenance Archive Sitecore logs, Clean up deleted items older than 30 days
User Session Management Remove idle user sessions

Create and Manage Tasks

We've added a context menu item to provide you with a shortcut to the Task Scheduler Editor.

Create a new scheduled task:

Insert Option for Task
Figure - Insert Option for Task

Run or edit the scheduled task:

Run or Edit Task Schedule
Figure - Run or Edit Task Schedule

The scheduled task is capable of running 1-to-many scripts. Choose all that apply for the selected task.

Dialog to Select Task Scripts
Figure - Dialog to Select Task Scripts

The task schedule has an intuitive dialog for working with and changing the frequency.

Dialog to Edit Task Schedule
Figure - Dialog to Edit Task Schedule

Note: Examples included are in the following modules

  • License Expiration
  • Media Library Maintenance
  • System Maintenance

See how Adam added powershell driven Sitecore scheduled tasks.

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