The SPE Console is a command line interface (CLI) designed for efficiency. The console provides a streamlined tool for working with Windows PowerShell and Sitecore. The default configuration for SPE requires the Console to be in an Elevated Session State before allowing the execution of commands.

The following figure shows the Console when the User Account Controls (UAC) are disabled. While this is a common configuration for developers, we highly encourage you to ensure UAC is enabled in higher environments.

PowerShell Console
Figure - PowerShell Console


Below are the shortcuts available in the console.

Shortcut Usage
Enter Submits line for execution.
Tab Autocomplete commands. Press tab again to cycle through commands.
Shift+Tab Reverse cycle through Autocomplete commands.
Shift+Enter Inserts new line. Works when the backtick is used.
ArrowUp/Ctrl+P Show previous command from history
ArrowDown/Ctrl+N Show next command from history
Delete/backspace Remove one character from right/left to the cursor
ArrowLeft/Ctrl+B Move cursor to the left
ArrowRight/Ctrl+F Move cursor to the right
Ctrl+ArrowLeft Move cursor to previous word
Ctrl+ArrowRight Move cursor to next word
Ctrl+A/Home Move cursor to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+E/End Move cursor to the end of the line
Ctrl+K/Alt+D Remove the text after the cursor
Ctrl+H Remove character before the cursor
Ctrl+D/Delete Remove character selected by the cursor
Ctrl+C/Escape Remove all text in the line
Ctrl+U Remove the text before the cursor
Ctrl+V/Shift+Insert Insert text from the clipboard
Ctrl+Alt+Shift + Increase the font size
Ctrl+Alt+Shift - Decrease the font size
PageUp Scroll console up
PageDown Scroll console down
Ctrl+R Reverse search history

Note: The font family, font size, and other settings can be configured through the ISE.

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